Bonjour Bag

Gift of Hope

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Bonjour Bag

The Bonjour Bag was designed as a classy and clean way to store makeup brushes.  It is also the perfect size for a pencil case, travel accessories, or a way to keep your small hygiene products organized. Fits beautifully in our Lape Tote for your next travel day or simply running errands. 

Each bag is made from 100% donated high-grade upholstery remnant fabric. This unique process gives us a chance to repurpose remnant fabric that would have been burned or thrown in a landfill. Our bags and other sewn products are not produced identically in large qualities so you may have a print or style that no one else has. Our partnerships have made a tremendous difference in the way we produce items and the effect it makes on our planet. Choose wisely and make it last by purchasing ethically and quality. 

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