Good Friday Banana Paper Sign

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Good Friday Banana Paper Sign

This home décor piece is made with handmade paper from Haiti. The paper is delicately crafted with banana leaves, vetiver and other remnants by a group of hardworking parents in the mountains of Port-au-Prince to keep their children in school! 

Printed on handmade paper and attached to an accent piece made of wood & metal || can be hung by attached jute string || 10" x 10" || Quote from Dani Troyer: "Good Friday is one of my favorite days of the church year. It's our invitation to sit in the grief, in the fear, in the doubt, to let them take up space. Because, Mary, the first preacher of the resurrection, she didn't know about Sunday. She only knew Friday when she watched her friend being murdered. John, the one who knew Jesus loved him so, he didn't know for sure if Sunday would come. Instead, he stood under the weight of grief on Friday. Everyone, the whole crowd who'd begun to believe this revolutionary Rabbi, they felt it all crash to the ground on Friday. They didn't know about the rolled away stone yet. They couldn't see what was coming. Hindsight is always twenty-twenty. So, we get to live with the Sunday, with the hope and the joy. But, maybe it would do us all a bit of good to sit in Friday's grief. Because without Friday, we don't get to be Sunday people. Resurrection people. Without the grief. We don't get the restoration."

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