It's All Under Control Greeting Cards

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It's All Under Control Greeting Cards
It's All Under Control Greeting Cards
It's All Under Control Greeting Cards

We have the most fun creating these custom greeting cards with author and friend, Jennifer Dukes Lee. Her new book, "It's All Under Control" was just released and part of the release included greeting cards made by our team of mamas in Haiti and are now available to you all! || originally $8

A bit about the book from Jennifer herself:

I wrote this for the misfits, and the "all-togethers."
The try-hard girls. And the hot messes.
The ones who LOOK like they have it "all under control."
And the ones who don't.
The achievers, and the procrastinators.
The ones who tell you "I'm fine."
And the ones who rarely are.
The women who can lead a Fortune 500 company,
but can't find the missing sock in the morning.

This book is for the "both/and."
Because most of us are not "either/or."
Ain't nobody gonna box is in, baby.
We are both/and.

So here's to that kind of woman.
The kind of woman who loves Jesus,
AND sometimes forgets to pray.
The kind of woman who tells you "it's all under control,"
AND secretly thinks she'll mess it all up.
The woman who sings loudly to praise music,
AND sometimes says bad words when life is hard.

This is for the woman who loves her people with all she's got, would lift a bus off your kid, would give you a kidney, would stay up all night making things happen, not because she's a control freak, but because she is DANG AWESOME.

You are a wonder, and I wrote this book for YOU.

Love, Jennifer