PALE LAVI Aluminum Cuff

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PALE LAVI Aluminum Cuff

Limited edition aluminum cuff - all profits from these mugs will be given back to MIDDLE GROUND HAITI

These cuffs are made from recycled aluminum, which has been melted & molded to its shape and then letters are all stamped by hand! *cuffs do slightly bend, so they can be adjusted to most all wrist sizes*

Why PALE LAVI? Pale Lavi translates to SPEAK LIFE and Middle Ground's mission is to bring life back into the malnourished bodies of precious lives in Haiti. Their inpatient center sees some of the worst malnourishment cases and they're known across the country for the exceptional care. We are proud to be partnering with MG & standing on Middle Ground in an effort to raise awareness for malnourishment work in Haiti.


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