Great Spirituality Banana Paper Sign

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Great Spirituality Banana Paper Sign
Great Spirituality Banana Paper Sign

I heard this quote during a podcast I was listening to a few months ago and it struck me to the core. It's been so hard to process the pain of Haiti and the suffering of her people these past few months, while also recognizing we are all experiencing pain in some worldly form. So, it leaves us with the question: what do we do with the pain? It's a challenge to rise and allow goodness to still come forth from all of life's pain.

This home décor piece is made with handmade paper from Haiti and stapled to a wooden frame, finished with jute string for hanging

The paper is delicately crafted with banana leaves, vetiver and other remnants by a group of hardworking parents in the mountains of Port-au-Prince to keep their children in school! The frame is also handmade by a local artist! 

"great spirituality is what we do with our pain" Richard Rohr || 11" x 8.5" 

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