Most of the product you will see on our website and through our boutique is sourced from amazing businesses working within Haiti that we get to partner with. We buy the product upfront and directly from them! If there's a certain brand you love here and want wholesale information on them, I'm happy to connect you directly to that brand.

The wholesale opportunities you have with Rosie's Boutique is purchasing our greeting cards and banana paper creations. All of these products are made in-house through our Rosie's team, which is made up of thirty employees!

You can order our greeting cards and banana paper creations right here on our website and fulfillment is done from our store in Iowa, so all your orders will be received within one business week - tops!

If you'd like to learn more about our wholesale minimums and get access to our wholesale discount code, send Kayla an email: kayla@rosiesboutiquehaiti.com

If you're already on Faire, you can shop our collection there, too.