The unemployment rate in Haiti is over 80% and it is estimated that 300,000 children live in orphanage institutes and 80% of these children have living parents and family. These statistics are staggering, but with each job we create means one less family not facing the extremely harsh realities of Haiti. Rosie's Boutique was founded in 2014 by the mother-daughter duo, Renae Grooters and Kayla Raymond. After moving to Haiti full-time and working for a jewelry company, Kayla quickly became passionate about job creation for Haitians.  Rosie's exists to promote job creation, Haitian goods, the companies and people behind the goods and hopefully create more jobs as we grow.

Kayla opened her store in Cabaret, Haiti in April of 2014 and two years later, Renae opened her store in Rock Rapids, Iowa. In the spring of 2018, they opened their expansion in Haiti!

Rosie's is currently purchasing from ten different companies (always hoping and searching for this number to grow) who collectively employ over 500 Haitians. Each company we purchase from believes and practices the same ethics we have: provide a fair, living wage to the artisan; empower and equip the artisan; educate people about the realities in Haiti; and work to keep families together.

Rosie's is operated under our family's non-profit, Touch of Hope. For more information about Touch of Hope ministries, visit: