Keeping the thirty mamas who make our greeting cards working is our top priority! We have created a fundraising box that allows you the opportunity to raise money for your own cause while selling our greeting cards, which will help continue providing work to the mamas in Haiti! 

This fundraiser is aimed towards youth, but can be done by any age group. Ideally the fundraiser will be led by a group leader, who will be responsible for coordinating the fundraiser, distributing the cards amongst the participants and collecting all the payments. 

Benefits to doing a fundraiser with us:

• have the product in you hands as you sell, allowing the customer to buy on the spot! 

• make 50% from your sale; sets sell for $10 and you will get $5 from your efforts!

• send back what you don't sell; you won't be stuck with the product you don't sell

• shoe box sized kraft boxes will be provided to store the greeting cards, making it easy to carry them around and sell to neighbors, friends & family!

Want to do a fundraiser with us today?

Email Kayla,