Rosie's Boutique exists to promote job creation and orphan prevention in Haiti. We achieve this through purchasing product from companies who exist to create jobs and empower Haitians, while also creating jobs through our greeting cards & banana paper creation products. We believe that the more parents we can empower and provide employment opportunities with, will result in less children abandoned into orphanages. 
Our greeting cards are stitched and finished by a team of thirty women. The jobs created provide a fair, living wage, allowing the women to send their children to school and meet their most basic needs, such as food and clothing.
Your purchases here make a bigger difference than you'll ever know and we truly believe that the way we shop has the power to change the world!






We have one papa who makes greeting cards with us. His belated wife, Malite, was one of the original women to stitch greeting cards and she passed away in late 2019. He continues to make cards as a way to provide for their three young boys. The pictures below were taken just months before her passing. We carry on this work in her honor.