Enjoy the Ride Metal Art

Rosies Boutique Haiti

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Enjoy the Ride Metal Art
Enjoy the Ride Metal Art

How darling is this metal art piece!? Designed exclusively for Rosie's by Boss Watson in Croix des Bouquets

 "Enjoy the Ride" || 12" x 8.5"

All metal art pieces are a unique art form to Haiti. They start with 55 gallon oil drums, flattening and firing them are the first steps. Then they trace out the design and begin to chisel, sculpt and cut until the design has been cut out. A rigorous sanding process happens next and then final details and painting a clear sealant finalizes the piece. Photos here showcase parts of the process and the beautiful street of the artisan community. This past year has been extremely difficult for the metal artisans as gangs have taken over and burnt down most of their community. It's an honor to partner with these talented artisans and support their families by purchasing their goods. 

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