It's with much excitement, we announce our newest partnership with The Mama Box! I (Kayla) have taken on the role of lead designer & curator for the quarterly subscription box and it really does feel like the last ten years have been leading me to this point –– The Mama Box gets to represent ALL of Haiti, showcasing all the brands doing the good work on the ground and it's all in effort to bring more sustainability to her people. It's everything Rosie's has ever been & truly is a match made in heaven
The year 2024 is being coined as "THE YEAR OF PROVERBS" and each box is going to be based off a different Haitian proverb. February's box is all about MOUNTAINS, using the proverb "deye mon genyen mon" meaning "behind each mountain is another mountain"
There's coffee from her mountains, a keychain & greeting card set representing the mountains, a stunning pair of earrings symbolizing the's SO good! You can subscribe or purchase just the mountain box, but honestly, subscribing is the way to go –– we have SO much goodness planned for 2024!


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