Avanti Coffee


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Avanti Coffee
Avanti Coffee

Avanti's premium coffee beans are grown on the mountaintops along the southern peninsula of Haiti.  Their all-organic farming methods and meticulous picking, drying and roasting, creates high quality coffee beans.  Avanti Coffee Company was established to revitalize the land and economy of a humble mountain village after a hurricane destroyed generational farms in 2016, leaving the villagers without their livelihoods.  Their direct trade model allows your coffee to have greater purpose. 

Sip Avanti Coffee, knowing that what keeps you going also keeps families united and empowered to thrive in the remote village of Chambellan, Haiti. 

Avanti's AYITI is a premium, low-acidic bean rich with vanilla and nutty undertones, hints of floral, and a smooth finish. It's a medium roast that is sure to become your new favorite coffee of choice!

Avanti's FRIZE is a premium low-acidic bean boasting with deep vanilla and nutty undertones and a smooth finish. This dark roast is bold in flavor and also makes a ridiculously good cold brew!

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