Creole Aluminum Cuffs


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Creole Aluminum Cuffs

A series of aluminum cuffs from our friends at Haiti Design Co. These cuffs are made from recycled aluminum, which is handcrafted and stamped all by hand! 

Ayiti Cheri • is a popular Creole phrase meaning "Haiti Sweetheart" 

Tout Bagay Deja Byen • is a phrase from a popular Creole worship song, translating to "everything is already okay" - the worship song tells a message that everything is going to be okay, because Jesus has already paid the ultimate price for us. 

• Fanm Djanm • translates to "strong woman" - wear this cuff with pride or gift to a strong woman in your life  

Show your love for Haiti by sporting this cuff & wear it as a reminder to keep Haiti in your prayers!


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