Unshakable Joy Banana Paper Sign

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Unshakable Joy Banana Paper Sign
Unshakable Joy Banana Paper Sign

This season has had me yearning for heaven more than ever as it's hard to put into words the separation of those we love in Haiti, the danger they're facing each day and the fact that we can hardly do anything to protect them. Our eyes are fixed on the promise of eternity, where we will be separated no more, our joy will be unshakable and the dance parties...they're going to be SO good! What keeps your eyes fixed on heaven?

This home décor piece is made with handmade paper from Haiti and glued to a wooden, finished with sawtooth hanger for hanging.

The paper is delicately crafted with banana leaves, vetiver and other remnants by a group of hardworking parents in the mountains of Port-au-Prince to keep their children in school! The frame is also handmade by a local artist! 

"God shakes our confidence in our earthly life so that we can yearn for our heavenly life, where our joy is truly unshakable and where our wailing will be turned into dancing" Timothy Keller || 8" x 8" 

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